How To Start & Play Squid Game On Roblox (Fish Game)

Here's all about how to start and play Squid game on Roblox.

Squid Game is a Korean Netflix series that has been gaining widespread popularity due to its unique theme. It’s based on the concept of kids games but it gets a scary turn right in the first episode. Like many anime TV shows that get a Roblox game based on them, there are Roblox games based on this show too. Here’s how to start and play Squid Game on Roblox.

How to Play Squid Game on Roblox?

how to start play squid game roblox

To play Roblox Squid Game, you need to get an invite for the game by the admin or server host. Players can only start a game if an admin is on the server because they will be posting a message in the channel to let players join the game. Unfortunately, you may have to wait for hours for this to happen. Check out this Discord server for more information.

Apart from this one, there are many devs who have created games based on Squid Game. All you have to do is search “Squid Game” in the search bar of Roblox and find experiences that you prefer. You can check the number of players currently active or the likes/dislikes ratio to choose the game you want to join. There are some experiences based on the kids game in the first episode which is Red Light Green Light (Fish Game) and some which have multiple games. This one is the best of the lot – it’s playable and has very less bugs.

Be aware though, some of these other experiences can be quite chaotic and buggy. You will have to join multiple experiences to find one that really works.

What is Squid Game?

To explain the concept of the Netflix show in a nutshell, a large number of people who are struggling financially come together to play kids’ games to win a huge monetary prize. But it’s not all fun as you’d expect because the games turn out to be pretty deadly. The strangeness does not end here – you will see masked guards who have different shapes assigned to them – triangle, square, circle – who are being controlled by a main masked dude. Who will survive? Watch the show to find out!

That’s basically everything you need to know about how to start and play Squid game on Roblox. For more help with Roblox or codes for other games you play, check out our comprehensive list of Roblox Game Codes and Roblox Promo Codes that you can use to get freebies this month.

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