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How to Play Pokemon Tower Battle On Facebook

Its Raining Pokemons

Pokemon Tower is a brand new game by Facebook, extremely simple to play and you will love it. The game is simply a close brother of Tetris, but different and exactly similar to a game where you have to align falling objects and if your’s falls first you lose the match. So here are some beginner tips and tricks on how to play Pokemon Tower on Facebook.

How to play Pokemon Tower?


  1. Go to Pokemon Towers Facebook Page if you want to play it on a PC or laptop and if you are playing on your Mobile Phone then launch Facebook page and search for Pokemon Towers.
  2. After login on a pc, you will see Play Game button on the page,  for Smartphones search Pokemon Tower and just click the Play Button.
  3. The game will launch on full-screen on a mobile device and it is also simple to play on a web browser like Google Chrome.
  4. As it begins to click on Play Now and drop the Pokemon on the green platform. Your opponent will drop another, you have to ensure that you do not fall first.  The higher the towers goes the more XP you will earn and unlock Pokeballs that allows you to change Pokemons.

Pokemon Towers is an extremely simple game, where you have to keep dropping Pokemon stickers on each other. The higher it goes the better rewards unlock. There are three types of Pokeballs in Pokemon Tower.

Types of Pokeballs in Pokemon Tower:


    • Poke Ball – The regular one that swaps to a different Pokemon.
    • Ultra Ball – Holds Rare or Regular Pokemon, its a surprise.
    • Master Ball – Holds only Rare Pokemon.

There are various seasons and different levels you can play to unlock more rare pokemon. It is more fun to play if you are playing with your friends, it is extremely simple where you just have to drag and drop the Pokemons right above others so that it does not falls. Have fun playing Pokemon Towers and also learn how to play Pokemon Medallion Battle, a second new game on Facebook.