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How to play Fortnite in SplitScreen on PS4 and Xbox One

Works only on for consoles

Split-screen feature was disabled in Fortnite and now it is restored back for PS4 and Xbox One. Epic has officially updated on its support page that the Split-Screen feature is now added to the game offering players to play side by side on the same screen. Fortnite Split-Screen is a cool feature where two friends can play together if they want to on the same console. Currently, the option only works PS4 and Xbox and here are the settings on how to turn on split-screen on Fortnite.

How to enable Split-Screen on Fortnite on Xbox One and PS4


Settings for bot are the same, starting with PS4 launch Fortnite and login to the game. Wait for the lobby screen to appear and once you are done with it look at the bottom right hand of the screen. Look for a prompt, o PS4 it will be displayed as hold X on PS4 to login. (X – [P2] Log In)

Just interact with the button on the controller and the second player can log in and join the lobby. Player one will have control over the lobby where he can view locker, stats and chang character skin. Player 2 can view replays and he can also customize his character via the locker.

Once done both can play side by side and the screen will be divided into two parts. This is a little annoying on a small screen display because it will affect the visibility but if you are playing on wider display things will be more visible.


A stable internet connection is also required to use this feature without issue. If you are facing lags or slow response then very your internet stability. Split Screen feature does not work on LTM, Creative and Save the World mode. You can test this in Duos and Squad.