How to Play Dota Underlords – Beginners Tips

Complete noob guide

Dota Underloards is a stand-alone version available for free and it is available PC, iOS and Android. One single account can be used on all three platforms and share common progress. If you are new to the game then in this Dota Underloads Beginners Guide you will learn all important tips and tricks on playing the game. Core objective of Dota Underlords is to hire a crew and destroy the rivals. The beta Season has been started last month and you can cross-play the game on PC and Mobile.

Dota Underlords is free to play where you have to strategize to win the battle. You can recruit and upgrade heroes to make them powerful enough to take down the competing team. Every hero can form a unique alliance, you can stack your team with heroes and unlock powerful bonuses that will help you to take down the rivals. Crossplay allows sticking with the platform of choice, players across the globe can participate and enjoy playing with each other.

Dota Underlords Beginners Tips and Tricks

Dota Underloards Download Size, System Requirements and More

  1. If you are playing it on PC then understand the minimum system requirements. The game needs a minimum of Intel Core i5 or better processor with 4GB RAM. Graphic card requirements are not that high, it can work on Intel HD Graphics 520 with 128MB RAM, but higher is better. A regular broadband connection is needed with a minimum of 7GB of free space.
  2. Android Mobile download size is 504MB after you download the main app from Play Store.
  3. There are three sections on the top center of the screen, the first on left is the Play Menu, with the big Play button on the bottom left of the screen.
  4. The second gives Season Info, you can read about Preseason, Heroes, Alliances and Items.
  5. The third and last is settings where you can adjust Video, Audio, Game settings and Language.

Dota Underloards PC Controls

  1. E – Sell the selected Unit
  2. Space – Open the Shop.
  3. 1-5 – Purchase the corresponding unit from the shop.
  4. R – Re-roll the shop unit options.
  5. Q – Lock the shop, preventing it from re-rolling at the start of the next round.
  6. T – Purchase 4 XP for 5 Gold.
  7. W – Send a unit to open bench slot.
  8. Mouse Wheel – Scroll between DPS, Item and Alliance tabs.
  9. F1 – Select and view your board.
  10. Tab – Switch between enemy boards.
  11. S – View the board of your current opponent.
  12. A – View the board of the player defending against your army.

Dota Underloards Modes and Gameplay Tips

  1. Pick one between Multiplayer, Solo with Bot and Tutorial. The game is pretty easy to play but if you doubtful then pick the Tutorial, then go with the Solo to play with Bots.
  2. The Solo / Bot mode has four different Bot Difficulty levels. They are Easy, Medium, Challenging and Hardcore. The Solo mode also allows you to play at your own pace.
  3. Every game is split up into rounds, wining round will reward you money that is Gold that will allow you to buy more characters. For 5 rounds you can earn 5 Golds, and wining combat get extra +1 Gold, on Win Streak you earn bonus gold every round.
  4. Every player begins with 100 hit points.
  5. From the shop pick the characters and place them in the arena to start a battle.
  6. Every unit has a different cost, the higher their cost the more powerful they will be.
  7. Every Unit has a start level, the unit stats will increase with higher stars.
  8. After winning every round you will have a choice to pick one from three loots if you lose you can take only one and other two will crossed out.

Dota Underloards Loot Tips

  1. After winning around you will see the loot menu, three items will be displayed on your screen and you have to pick one.
  2. Remember items with the round background can be placed on your units for example +5 Armor. There are shoes and other upgrades.
  3. Items in square global items, they are applicable to any defined unit.

Dota Underloards Unit Combos & Alliances Tips

  1. It is important to understand to pick the perfect combination of different alliances before you send your units to fight. You will have to buy a unit from the shop to start playing the game, and below every unit, you will see an icon that will define what kind of alliance they belong to.
  2. After picking a unit place them on the chess run to start the match.
  3. You can build Combos by selecting two different units, well it is not that complicated to understand. Once you are in round two, you will have two golds in your pocket. Pick one Unit, for example, picked a Troll + Shaman, look below the unit screen there is a black border. On the extreme right, you will see a small blinking light that will help you to create combos. When the light blinks, move your mouse cursor on it and it will tell you which Alliance to pick next to get some additional bonus. Like all Troll, Units will gain +35 Attack Speed if you have two, and if you have 4 they will get +65 Attack Speed + other allies get +30 Attack speed. So do focus on building up the best combos and placing the right unit against rivals.
  4. Always focus on getting some good combos, that will give you additional speed and attack bonus, this will help you to take down enemies faster.
  5. You can also merge Three One Star Units into Single Two Star Units. All you need is to buy the one which has a Star sign below them. Add them in multiple and they will combine into a single higher star unit.
  6. A red box on the Unit indicates the troll will be automatically removed from the fight after starting the round. If the lower area called as Bench is full then the Unit marked red will be directly sold.
  7. You can sell anyone one character from your current team to get Gold and buy a different one to build up combos or put a stronger player. Combos just mean having common Alliances.
  8. Focus on getting three single star unit t combine to get a Two-star and so on.
  9. As you progress to new rounds, you can work more on combos, refer the tiny blinking lights below the character.
  10. Use the bonus items you get in the loot on your Unit to make them stronger, place the strongest one on the front so that enemies attack him and let the units on the backside attack the enemies. in this way, you can avoid high damage.

Stay tuned for more updates.