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How to Play Bounty Hunt In Hunt Showdown PS4

Hunt down monsters

Bounty Hunt is one of the modes in Hunt Showdown PS4 allowing you to play a unique match of finding and killing monsters. If you are new Hunt Showdown and know nothing about Bounty Hunting then this guide is for you. Here you can learn about what is Bounty Hunting in Hunt Showdown, what are the things you need to do in this and how to win bounty hunt matches.

What is Bounty Hunting in Hunt Showdown PS4?

There are three modes in Hunt Showdown PS4, Bounty Hunt is one of them. In this mode, you will have to recruit players to play with you. There are contracts to locate and hunt monsters so you can play with friends in co-op. Each contract has one or two bosses who are hidden. Using Dark Sight you will have to find clues and locate those monsters before other players.

After finding the monsters during Bounty Hunt in Hunt Showdown PS4, you will have to kill that monster and initiate the banishing ritual. After completing the contract you will earn money and XP. You can choose to fight solo or play in a group of three. To finally reach a monster you will have to locate three clues, that glow in blue when you see in Dark Sight. The same clues turn red if there are other hunters nearby.

After killing the monster you will have to extract the Bounty from the corpse. After you initiate the banishing ritual your location will be exposed to other hunters, who will try to kill you and grab the rewards. Your job is to save your self until the banish ritual is complete in Hunt Showdown PS4 and reach one of the three extraction points.

Hunt Showdown PS4 All Modes

Along with Bounty Hunt, there are two more modes in Hunt Showdown PS4. They are Quickplay and Training. Quickplay is a kind of free hunter mode available for every player. You can customize your hunters appearance and loadout. One of the primary objectives is to find four rifts and activate wellspring. Each time you close a rift you will be granted a reward. To save your soul during the Quickplay mode in Hunt Showdown PS4 you will have to absorb souls.

One way to earn extra 25 points is to kill another hunter while you have Wellspring active on you.  Only one hunter is allowed to possess the Wellspring, if you don’t have one then you can kill a player with it and get a new.

In the Training mode of Hunt Showdown PS4, you can play three modes Basic, Advanced and Professional to learn the game. It also has rewards that you can unlock just by completing the training.

So this is how you can play Bounty Hunting in Hunt Showdown PS4.