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How To Play Borderlands 3 In Split-Screen Mode

Co-op is Best

Playing with a friend is always a fun and amazing experience whenever there is a new game coming up, and Borderlands 3 is all about playing together. 2K has implemented a Split-Screen mode in Borderlands 3 but there are some bugs, however, 2K had notified already they are fixing up the split-screen mode in the game soon. So if you want to play the game run the latest updates and try out the settings to enable Split-Screen Mode in Borderlands 3.

How To Enable Split-Screen In Borderlands 3


If you are playing Borderlands 3 on console first connect both the controllers to the consoles. And then on PS4 press the Touchpad on the second controller which will prompt the players with the first controller to accept a co-op request. There will be an invitation and after accepting it you can play Borderlands 3 with your friend in co-op on the console easily.

The same method works for Xbox One console also, on that you have to press the Start button and wait for the first player to accept the invite to enable Co-op. It is necessary that the player with the first controller must wait to see the invite on the screen.

You can do one more thing, use Emotes with your friends to interact in the game. If you are playing the game then definitely you will want to Emote, to use the gesture in Borderlands 3  there are different keys for different platform. For PS4 press the touchpad to see the wheel and select emote. Do the same in Xbox One by pressing Start and on PC hold down arrow key.


Borderlands 3 co-op mode has bugs and lag issues, 2K games had already acknowledged the issue and working on the solution. The issue lies with lagging during heavy combat. There will be an update coming up soon to fix the same 2K suggest to take down heavy combat solo for the time.