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How to play 1v1 duel in Apex Legends

Friend vs Friend

Apex Legends has different modes where players can test out their skills and level up. One of them is Firing Range where players can test every weapon in Apex Legends, soon EA is pushing up a new friedly fire mode addition in the Firing Range where players can duel in 1v1 and compete with each other. As a part of Apex Legends Update 3.2 which is out for PC but delayed on consoles, players are now free to test out all the weapons against a friend in the Firing Range.

How to 1v1 in Apex Legends


There are multiple duel modes in Apex Legends where you get multiple options to play and compete with your friends. It is highly useful because once you are in the battle arena with many players you might get less chance to survive if you are not on a pro level. But the duel mode is an best place to practice, to learn about weapons and to ace movements. Below are all the new duel modes you can test in the Firing Range of Apex Legends.

  • 1v1 – Two players battle with each other, One vs. One.
  • 1v1v1 – Three players battle with each other, One vs. One vs. One.
  • 2v1 – Two player in a team fight with a single player, Two vs. One.

In the Firing Range after Apex Legends Update 3.2 you can enter into a safe place and practice using some guns and abilities, you can also create a team of two and enable the Friendly Fire options to start playing.


This is how you play the hidden One vs. One in Apex Legends and improve your skills. Recently a fresh update also added a free BP-1 Skin for Pathfinder, it adds a nostalgic Star Wars feeling to the game. You can claim that for a short period of time.