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Tips to Perform a Finisher Move In Call of Duty Modern Warfare

End it like a Pro

You can really perform a finisher move in Modern Warfare, yes this feature is added well it was like hidden but we are able to track down details on how to perform Finisher Move in COD Modern Warfare. It is an way you can execute a enemy with style, however it can be little risky in the battle where Finisher Move takes a few seconds to execute but looks really cool. So if you want to know how to perform finisher move in Modern Warfare then lets begin.

How to Perform Finisher Move


To perform Finisher move all you will need is to sneak behind the enemy when he is unaware. Approach the enemy and hold down the melee button, do not leave it to execute the Finishers Move animation and done. This move will take down enemy in a style and you will really enjoy it. If you want to know how Finisher Move really looks in Modern Warfare then here is an short video by Youtuber – TheillestBeast.

When you approach a enemy from behind press the joy stick on console to hit the enemy with a weapon, here to execute finishers move do not leave it and within a second finisher animation is triggered. However watchout for snipers and do not try doing this in a open field, you can become a target.


Enjoy executing enemies using cool Finishers Moves in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.