How To Pay Your Loan And Upgrade Your House In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Prasad More
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There is often a huge price for relocating and such you cannot run away from it in Animal Crossing New Horizons either. You will have a huge debt as you upgrade from a humble tent into a growing and blossoming your community. This guide will show you how to pay off your loan in the game.

This guide will also show you how you can upgrade your house and how much you have to pay for each upgrade you make to your house.

How To Pay Off Your Loan In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The initial loan you will incur when you move to your new island has to be paid only in Nook Miles, you can pay this to Toom Nook directly.

There are tons of tasks in the game that will help you get Nook Miles and to pay off your initial loan to Toom Nook you will have to shelve out 5000 Nook Miles.

This is it; this will make sure that your stay on your new island is permanent but the story doesn’t end here, your journey includes upgrading from a small tent to a huge house in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Cost Of Upgrading Your House In Animal Crossing New Horizons

After the initial payment of 5000 Nook Miles, every other payment you make for your house upgrade will cost you Bells, the in-game currency.

For the first upgrade, you will require 98,000 Bells, this will upgrade you from a small tent to a home, this will also unlock storage feature in your house.

The next upgrade will cost you 198,000 Bells and this will give you more space to your house that you already own.

The upgrade after that will set you back about 348,000 Bells. This tier of upgrade brings an additional room in your house and you will also get a gift from the other villagers for your effort.

After this, you will need to pay 548,000 Bells to increase your home size even further and you will also get the ability to improve the aesthetics of the exterior of your house.

Cost Of Upgrading Your House In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The price keeps on increasing with each upgrade, the one after this will set you back about 758,000 Bells and you will get two additional rooms on either side of your house and you can improve how your door looks.

After you complete the above upgrades, your house will start to get serious upgrades with additional floors. You will have to spend about 1,248,000 Bells and this will get you more home size with an additional floor.

Finally, the last upgrade is the priciest one and will surely take a lot of time before you get there, this will cost you about 2,498,000 Bells. With this, you get a basement which has a room to your house.

Once you reach here, you will have paid off your loan and upgraded your house completely. This will surely take some time and you will have tons of things to do in the meanwhile. This is all there is to know about paying off your loans and upgrading your house in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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