How to Participate In Call Of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020

COD Mobile World Championship 2020

Call of Duty: Mobile is the next big thing in Battle Royale, giving up players a new competitive edge over games like PUBG. To heat the environment, COD Mobile announced COD Mobile World Championship 2020. A massive Tournament with $1 Million in total prizes. Isn’t this interesting?

Here is a guide on COD Mobile World Tournament. You can learn everything from when the esport competition is starting, how to participate, and what is are the structure of matches. Also, learn how to watch the tournament.

When is COD Mobile Tournament starting?

COD Mobile is free to play the game, similar to battle-royale games, this one is more realistic and competitive. COD Mobile Tournament is an online event that begins on April 30 and ends on May 24, 2020. The tournament will be live for more than three weeks in a straight line, so there is quite enough time to enter into the Qualifiers List.

COD Mobile Tournament is divided into two stages, first, you will have earned rank in Open Online Qualifiers and second entering into the main tournament.

How to Participate?

To enter the Open Online Qualifier list, you should be on Veteran or higher Rank.

  1. You must be 18 years or higher
  2. You must have an eligible mobile phone, with on external device and attachments.
  3. You cannot use Bluetooth controllers, keyboard-mouse setup, etc.
  4. You cannot use Desktop emulators.

COD Mobile Tournament Stage 1

  1. Stage 1 of COD Mole World championship is divided into 4 Open Qualifiers. It will take place at the end of every week between April 30 to May 24. If you are able to quality for the Open Qualifiers then only you can enter the COD Mobile Tournament.
  2. Players will earn points in Ranked Matches. Points earned in first 10 Ranked Matches are important to enter the tournament. They are counter on the basis of winning rate and current ranking on the leader board.
  3. To qualify for Stage 2 for the tournament players will have to earn 80 points within the first 10 ranked matches.

COD Mobile Tournament Stage 2

Stage 2 is the main event, this is the place where your skills will be tested. Only the best one will take part in the world championship and carve their way towards the prize money. With over $1 Million cash reward you can imagine how competitive it will be.

Activision had also hinted there is something beyond Stage 2. This indicates there will be more announcements once players are in Stage 2. Stay tuned for more updates on COD Mobile.