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How To Parry And Shield Bash In Hellpoint

Here's the guide to learn parry and shield bash techniques in Hellpoint.

Hellpoint is an action-packed role-playing game that requires strong combat moves. Master a few techniques such as parry and shield bash in Hellpoint and you will get a competitive advantage over others. Parry and shield bash will both stagger your foes and allow you to deal quick damage. However, since both these techniques are not explained in detail, it is quite challenging to master them. But that’s not supposed to be that way. Hence, we have created this guide to help you master parry and shield bash in Hellpoint.

Master Parry and Shield Bash in Hellpoint


Parry and shield bash are two of the most important techniques that will increase your defense and damage to opponents.

Parrying in Hellpoint

Parrying is all about timing. You have to press the block button within a fraction of a second to pull off this move. There’s no specific key or button dedicated to the command. You have to press the block button as soon as you are hit to perform parry in Hellpoint. As mentioned earlier, the time frame is very low and you have to be really quick to get it right.


That’s not easy to pull off, right? But if you succeed to get it right, your character will stagger the opponent and reflect the damage back. It’s like hitting your opponent with their own attacks.

Parry technique is not all positive, there are some negatives that you need to be aware of. You would not want to use parry when you are low on stamina. When you parry on low stamina, it will drain your stamina the same amount as while blocking. Hence, you too will be staggered. And since you are low on stamina, your stagger will immobilize you more than your opponent giving them an upper hand (that’s not what you want).

Shield Bash in Hellpoint


Shield bash was not working in the initial launch; however, it works now. As it is clear by the name itself, you will need a shield to use shield bash in Hellpoint. This technique requires a combination of button presses. You will have to block and sprint simultaneously to use shield bash.

When you succeed in delivering the attack, your character will bolt towards your opponent and hit them with the shield. This will stagger them for a moment and leave them open for attacks.

That’s pretty much how you parry and shield bash in Hellpoint. Master these two techniques, and see yourself dealing more heavy attacks to your opponents. Small tricks are what take you ahead of your enemies in gaming. Hence, make sure to read more of our such gaming guides on GamerTweak.