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Chivalry 2 Combat Tips – How to Parry (Keyboard Shortcut)

Here is keyboard controls on how to parry in Chivalry 2. Also read on other Chivalry 2 Combat shortcuts that will help you in battle.

Parry is one of the most important moves in Chivalry 2. It is a way to counterattack opponents in the battle. It is highly important you must learn how to parry in Chivalry 2. So that if you are in an attack zone, you can swiftly dodge and land into the attack position within seconds.

How to Parry in Chivalry 2?


Chivalry 2 - How to Parry?

Chivalry 2 is all about slashing out the opponents on the battlefield. This means you will be always under someone’s attack zone. To save yourself you can try out Parry. It is a strong combat move that allows you to quickly dodge and return to the attack mode.

Press the right mouse button to parry in Chivalry 2. Next, you can use a standard slash or a stabbing attack on the opponent. Parry will consume stamina so you cannot use it frequently. Make sure you can hit the right mouse key on the right button as soon as you are attacked. You can then move away and hit back with the right attack. This will give you an edge over the opponent.


The WASD is for movement and the standard left mouse click is to attack. Another powerful defense is to kick the opponent. This will help you to break this defense. For example, an opponent uses a parry and blocks you then kick him. In this way, you can in less time release a set of multiple moves.  To help you more with Chivalry 2 combat here are some beginner tips and tricks.

Chivalry Combat Tips for Beginners:

  1. Use Kick to break enemies’ defense.
  2. Use parry for combo attacks.
  3. Practice with combat controls before entering into a match.
  4. Understand your enemy’s class to find out your weakness.
  5. Do not run into a group.
  6. Trying to maintain distance then use a Bow.
  7. Focus on fighting in a one-vs-one battle.


Follow the above combat tips to stay alive in Chivalry 2. If you are new to this game then the most important thing to do is stay in a one-vs-one fight. Avoid getting surrounded. Do not forget to check our Chivalry 2 Guides section for more tips on this battle game.