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How to Mute Tracks In Control – Avoid Copyright Issues On YouTube

Mute climax music track

Control game has an amazing end-game track that takes us into a psychedelic adventure. The track is simply amazing while playing the game, but you can face a copyright issue if you upload it directly with it. If you are unable to mute that using video editing tools then thanks to Remedy Entertainment who had now added the feature directly in the game.

How to Mute Control Music and Record Videos


Remedy Entertainment released a fresh update with tons of improvements and options to mute copyright tracks in Control game. The feature is added by update Version 1.03. Run the latest update and once it is done launch the game and go in the audio options of Control Settings.

Under the audio options, you will find a setting to mute the copyrighted track. By adding the trick Control game will no longer play any music and you can stream the games directly on YouTube or Twitch. You can also upload them without worrying about the copyright strike.

Control Update 1.03 is around 720MB in size for PS4 and it also brings multiple fixes in terms of UI and performance. According to the game, patch notes the update will resolve crash, combat and overall gameplay.  Film Grain and Motion Blur on/off toggle are also added in the Control.