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How To Ping And Mark Locations In Valheim

Wondering how to use ping and mark locations in Valheim? Check it out right here

Ping and map markers in Valheim are important aspects of the game as it is easy to get lost in this almost never-ending game that features different biomes, locations, and everything in between. Map markers will help you and your friends to know your location or location of something that is worthwhile knowing about, and by using the ping you can even let inform others about a location without needing to resort to chatting about anything else. This guide will show you how to ping and mark locations in Valheim.

How To Ping And Mark Locations In Valheim

The system of Ping and mark locations are different in Valheim and you can use them differently to notify other players about places or things of interest. To Mark location on a map, all you have to do is Press M to open up the map and then use the middle mouse button anywhere to mark it. This will let everyone else know that you’ve marked something on the map. The ping location in Valheim helps to give more details about a particular location without having to verbally converse, to ping a location in Valheim all you need to do is press M to open up the map and on the bottom right corner, you will see icons. Select any of the icons and then double click on the map to place it.

how to mark and ping locations in valheim
The system of mark and ping locations in Valheim allows players to notify about POI in the gam

This ping system will let players know about the places of interest that you’ve discovered. You can ping fireplaces, safe houses, and many such things in Valheim. This helps to create an understanding among players and removes unnecessary chatter and discussions.

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Using the mark and ping locations systems will help players to create a better understanding and it seems to be a necessity in all multiplayer games in this generation.

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The only downside to this in the game is the fact that the tutorials do not mention them being available in the game and keeps the players in the dark, other than that everything else about Valheim seems to be top-notch.

This is all there is to know about how to Ping And Mark Locations In Valheim, while you’re here you should check out our Valheim Wiki Guide to know everything about the game.