How To Make Paths In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Prasad More
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Animal Crossing New Horizons starts off with you having an island to yourself and you are tasked to make it the best possible island there is, sadly though at the beginning you cannot change any aspect of the island and are limited to clearing rocks and trees, as you progress in the game you will get the option to create paths.

If you want to learn how to make paths in Animal Crossing New Horizons, this guide will show you the exact steps you need to take and complete the prerequisite tasks that you need. Make sure that you read through the entire guide and learn to create paths in the most efficient and easiest ways possible.

How To Build Paths In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Before you set out to create a new path on your island, you will need to progress fair bit into the game, you will need to learn the basics and the game will walk you through it. Once you have a nice settlement going on your island you will need to have a new path so that people can get to wherever they need to be quickly. Check out how to unlock terraforming in this guide

The first thing you need to do is have the Island Designer App on your Nook Phone, this app is given to you by Tom Nook. To get this from Tom Nook you will need to get the KK Slider concert happen on your island.

When you have all these things done, have more people, get the KK Slider concert and finish off building all the essential buildings, you will need to speak to Tom Nook and he will install the app on your phone.

This app gives you terraforming abilities through which you can edit your island and create a better version of it than the game has provided you with.

How To Make Paths In Animal Crossing New Horizons

To create paths, you will need to open up your phone by pressing LZ on your controller and select Build Paths.

Choose the type of path you wish to create and then press A to confirm your selection, of course, you will need to have the necessary materials for it so make sure that you have all those in abundance before you set out reshaping your island.

You can smoothen out the edges around the corners of your paths by standing on top of the area you wish to edit and press A on your controller.

That’s about it, this is all you have to do in Animal Crossing New Horizons to create new paths. Create walkways and easy access points for your fellow villagers. Check out other guides on Animal Crossing New Horizons in case you are stuck on any part of the game.