How To Make Gear 5th Luffy In Infinite Craft

Gear 5 Luffy would be fresh in every One Piece fan’s memory considering that it was not so long ago when he used it to beat Kaido. While the anime and manga have progressed since that fight, Infinite Craft will let you relish some of those memories once more. In the long list of elements that you have already crafted, you can make and add Gear 5th Luffy in Infinite Craft with a few easy steps.

Luffy is a fan-favorite protagonist and pretty easy to make in the game. While Gear 5 will be a few extra steps, they will certainly be worth it for the list of elements you have. It is quite possible for you to get stuck in the game and if that is the case, Infinite Craft cheats are quite useful to get you out of the situation with a unique recipe.

How to Get Gear 5th Luffy in Infinite Craft

Combine Luffy and Gear 5th Monkey to Make Gear 5th Luffy in Infinite Craft
Image via Neal.Fun

These are the elements that you need to combine to get Gear 5th Luffy in Infinite Craft:

  • Wind + Wind will give you Tornado.
  • Water + Water will give you Lake.
  • Lake + Lake will give you Ocean.
  • Ocean + Water will give you Fish.
  • Fish + Fire will give you Sushi.
  • Water + Earth will give you Island.
  • Sushi + Island will give you Japan.
  • Earth + Water will give you Plant.
  • Plant + Plant will give you Tree.
  • Tree + Tree will give you Forest.
  • Forest + Tree will give you Wood.
  • Wood + Tree will give you Paper.
  • Paper + Paper will give you Book.
  • Book + Japan will give you Manga.
  • Manga + Japan will give you Anime.
  • Earth + Earth will give you Mountain.
  • Mountain + Fire will give you Volcano.
  • Wood + Ocean will give you Boat.
  • Boat + Ocean will give you Ship.
  • Ship + Ocean will give you Pirate.
  • Pirate + Anime will give you One Piece.
  • Forest + Forest will give you Jungle.
  • Wind + Plant will give you Dandelion.
  • Jungle + Dandelion will give you Monkey.
  • Monkey + One Piece will give you Luffy.
  • Monkey + Wind will give you Monkey King.
  • Monkey King + Pirate will give you Monkey D. Luffy.
  • Monkey D. Luffy + Tornado will give you Gear 4.
  • Gear 4 + Gear 4 will give you Gear 5.
  • Gear 5 + Monkey D. Luffy will give you Gear 5th Monkey.
  • Gear 5th Monkey + Monkey D. Luffy will give you Monkey D. Gear 5th Luffy.
  • Monkey D. Gear 5th Luffy + Luffy will give you Gear 5th Luffy.

That’s all you will need to make Gear 5th Luffy in Infinite Craft. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other recipes for Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Dark Souls, and more right here at Gamer Tweak.