How to Make Flying in Infinite Craft (Recipe)

Combining Flying with other elements can lead to some interesting results, but how to craft Flying itself? Here’s how.

Already made a Plane but not sure how to make Flying in Infinite Craft? We’ve got you covered. There are many ways to land up on this block and you might come across it while randomly mixing as well. But in this guide, we will explain the steps we followed to create Flying and that involves a tile that we previously created. More on this below.

How to Make Flying in Infinite Craft

We combined Speedrunner with Wind to create the Flying tile in Infinite Craft.

Now, there’s a high chance you might not have this block unlocked, so follow our guide on how to make Speedrunner for the recipe and combinations which will also help you discover loads of new ingredients.

recipe combo to make flying infinite craft
Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

In short, here are the main steps to get Speedrunner:

  • Combine Island with Bong (which is Pot + Smoke) to get Jamaica.
  • Then, combine Fire with Marathon (which is Fog + Race) to create Runner.
  • Combine Jamaica with Runner to get Usain Bolt.
  • Mix Usain Bolt with Gamer to get Speedrunner.

Once that’s done, combine Speedrunner with the basic element of Wind and you’ll have Flying ready.

Some Recipes to Make with Flying

  • Flying + Energy = UFO
  • Flying + Racer = Jet
  • Flying + Strong = Superman
  • Flying + Serious = Airplane
  • Flying + Whiskey = Pilot
  • Flying + Fire = Phoenix
  • Flying + Smoke = Vapor
  • Flying + Huamn = Angel
  • Flying + Evil = Bat
  • Flying + Flower = Bee
  • Flying + King = Eagle
  • Flying + Shield = Umbrella
  • Flying + Japan = Kamikaze
  • Flying + Cow = UFO
  • Flying + Santa = Reindeer
  • Flying + Pig = Pigasus

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