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How To Make Floors Quickly In Grounded

Floor making in Grounded helps you to make your bases bigger and safeguard your bases

Making floors in Grounded inside your base will help you build bigger bases and fortify them. If you are wondering how to build floors in Grounded our guide on it will help to ease the process.

How To Make Floors In Grounded

Base building is a key component in Grounded, you can create bases that will keep you safe from every insect and adversary out there. When you get in Grounded, you will notice that you cannot build floors in Grounded.

To be able to build floors in Grounded you will need to progress in the story of the game until you reach the quest where you need to investigate the explosion at the oak tree. Once you get the prompt for this you should go check it out immediately.

As soon as you get there you will need to enter the Oaktree and then inside you will find a room at the back. Here you will meet a robot named BURG.L.

Nearby, you will find the Grasslands BURG.L Chip beside the robot. Grab the chip and proceed to interact with the machine.

Select the “I found a BURG.L chip.” This will make the robot insert the chip inside its head and then you will need to select the option that says, “I’ll trade you some Raw Science” this will give you the option to check out what the robot has to sell.

Purchase the option which says, “Multi-Story Bases,” it will cost you around 1000 Raw Science and this will unlock flooring.

After you have completed the transaction, go back to your base, and then you will be able to build floors for four Grass Planks per panel.

Getting Grass Panels is easy, all you have to do is grab your axe and chop down grass stalks wherever you find them.

You should check out how to use the Pebblet axe in Grounded for better results.

Collect as many as you can and this will enable you to make floors in your base in Grounded.

This is all there is to know about how to make floors in Grounded. Make sure to check out how to get clean water in Grounded as well.