Minecraft Charcoal Crafting Guide: How To Make

Here's how to craft & get Charcoal in your inventory.

Making Charcoal in Minecraft comes in handy because you can use it in place of Coal as a fuel. It will help you because instead of finding coal underground, you can utilize Charcoal much easily and it works similarly too. You can craft torches with it and smelt or cook items in the furnace which makes it pretty important. In this guide, we will look at how to make Charcoal in Minecraft easily.

How to Get Charcoal in Minecraft

You can craft Charcoal by smelting wood or logs as ingredients in a furnace. Here are the steps to create it easily:


  • Open up the Furnace Menu.
  • Add Fuel in the Furnace and also add Wood or Logs in the top and bottom boxes.
  • When you see the flames cooking it, that’s how you will get the Charcoal in the result box on the right side.
  • All you have to do now is move the Charcoal to your inventory.
  • That’s basically how to craft Charcoal in Minecraft.

In case you haven’t made a furnace yet, you can do it with eight cobblestone blocks.

How to Use Charcoal

Charcoal can be used as a crafting ingredient in a Campfire, Fire Charge, Gunpowder, Soul Torch and Torch. You can also use it to power Minecarts.

Remember that one Charcoal will burn for 80 seconds in a furnace so that’s the smelting time which is same as Coal. But you cannot trade it with villagers which is quite different from how coal works. You cannot even craft it into a block of coal and you can’t stack coal and charcoal. So it’s ideal to use Charcoal in a place where coal is very rare to obtain.

That’s everything on how to make Charcoal in Minecraft easily. Go ahead and craft it and you will get it in your inventory by following the process mentioned above. You don’t have to search for Coal in mines when you have this!

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