How To Make A Bed In Terraria (Steps Guide)

Getting some sleep in Terraria is always good for your Health Regeneration.

Making a Bed is as crucial as building a house in the early stages of Terraria. It allows the player to set a spawn point according to their preference. If you don’t set a spawn point and die, then you’ll automatically respawn to the world spawn point. Apart from that, this furniture even helps you to get some sleep, and boost health regeneration easily. As of now, there are more than 40 craftable beds you can make in the game. However, don’t forget every bed works the same and only differs in appearance. With that in mind, let’s see what materials and crafting stations you’ll need to craft a basic Bed in the game.

How to Craft a Bed in Terraria (Materials & Crafting Stations)

How to Craft a Bed in Terraria (Materials & Crafting Stations) craft beds


To make a Bed in Terraria you only need 15x Wood & 5x Silk. But, in order to craft it, you’ll first need to build some Crafting Stations. And only then you’ll be able to get this furniture and get some sleep. For your convenience, below we have explained the process in steps to ease up the crafting process.

  1. First, build a Workbench that is required to make most of the crafting stations.
    • Workbench: 10x Woods
  2. Next, make a Furnace by using a Workbench.
    • Furnace: 20x Stones, 3x Troches, 5x Woods
  3. After that, use the Furnace to smelt & make an Iron or Lead bar.
    • Iron Bar: 3x Iron Ore
    • Lead Bar: 3x Lead Ore
  4. Then, use the Workbench to make an Anvil.
    • Anvil: 5x Iron Bar or 5x Lead Bar
  5. Once done, use the Anvil to make a Chain.
    • Chain: 1x Iron Bar
  6. And after that, again head to the Workbench and make a Sawmill.
    • Sawmill: 10x Wood, 2x Iron Bar, 1x Chain
  7. Then, simply use the Sawmill to make a Loom.
    • Loom: 12x Wood
  8. Next, use the Loom to turn Cobwebs into Silk.
    • Silk: 35x Cobwebs
    • Cobwebs: Can be found by exploring the underground.
  9. And after that, again use the Workbench to make a Bed in Terraria.
    • Bed: 15x Wood, 5x Silk

And voila your Bed is ready to be used. Players can place it in their house and tap the bottom of the bed to set a spawn point. If you want to get some sleep, then tap the head of the bed.

That sums up all about the materials and crafting stations required to make a Bed in Terraria. If you want to make a unique base, then check out these best House Designs Ideas. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the best weapons to use in Terraria.