How to Logout of Fortnite On PS4

Step by step method to sign out and sign in again

Are you a Fortnite Player and want to sign-out so that your friend can play or want to login to your account on a different PS4? Then here is a solution to your problem. Fortnite settings do not have an option to logout and log in. That is why if you share your console with a friend or trying to play on a friend console you will find it a bit tough to switch accounts. But do not work, here is a guide on how to logout of Fortnite on PS4. Just follow the steps below directly in the PS4 console, and you can sign-in and sign-out of your account easily.

How to Logout of Fortnite on PS4?

To logout from Fortnite on PS4, you will need to use the console browser. The same step can be done through your PC using Chrome or Safari. The solution is to disconnect your PS4 console with Fornite so that you can no longer login or access your account. And then you can easily Link your account back whenever you want to play.

To logout of Fortnite on PS4 is best when you are leaving your console to a friend’s house or do not want anyone to touch your progress. They simply create a new account or link their account or just play as a guest. So here is how to logout of Fortnite on PS4.

  1. On PS4 Homescreen go to Library.
  2. Search for Internet Browser.
  3. Type Fortnite in the Search Box on the top right of the browser window and press R2 to search.
  4. Click on Link.
  5. Go to Fortnite game page and click on Sign-in on the top right corner.
  6. Select Yes for Do you already play Fortnite question.
  7. Select the platform that is PlayStation from the next page.
  8. You will be signed in automatically and click on the id on the top right corner.
  9. Click on your User ID on top right corner and click on Account.
  10. Go to Connections > scroll down to PlayStation Network and click on Disconnect.
  11. Add tick on all options and then select Unlink.

That’s it, your account is not no longer active in the PS4. If you want to link it back you will have to just launch the game and press X to start and then press X again to Link an Account. Or hit Square to skip the step.

Can I logout of Fortnite on PS4 using my Mobile, PC or Table?

Yes, you can also logout from Fortnite on PS4 using the Epic Games website. Using any browser just go to and sign-in with your ID. Go to the Accounts section in your profile and Unlink the account from the Connections section.

Will I loose my progress, v-bucks, skins, etc if I logout for long time?

No, all your purchases, progress, skins, etc are linked to your Fortnite account. Once you logout you can link your Fortnite account to any other PS4 console. So it is just signing in and signing out. It is not going to affect any of your progress if you logout of Fortnite on PS4 multiple times.

Hope the above steps will help you to logout of Fortnite on PS4 and login-in again back when required.