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How To Link Epic Games Account With Dauntless Account

Link both the account to carry forward your Beta progress

Dauntless is finally available for PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 21, 2019. To play the game you will need two accounts one is Epic Game and other Dauntless game account. Linking both of them is required if you had played Dauntless Open Beta then by linking it with Epic Games account you can carry forward your Beta progress to the final version of the game. Also by linking Dauntless account to Epic Games properly will help you to share and play the game on cross-platform. In this guide, I will tell how to properly link Epic Games account Dauntless on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

How to Link Dauntless and Epic Games Accounts


Steps To Link Epic Games Accounts For Dauntless Open Beta Players On PC and Console:

  1. If you had played Dauntless Open Beta then you will already have a Dauntless account. Launch the game on PC and on the title screen select Link Now. Follow the screen instructions to link the Epic Games Account.
  2. For consoles Launch Dauntless and from the title screen select Activate Now. You will see an epicgames.com/activate, visit this URL and enter the code shown on your console screen. Once done on the next screen click Link Now for Dauntless account. Go to playdauntless.com/link/ and enter the code on your screen. That’s it now both Dauntless and Epic games accounts are linked.

If you do not have an Epic Game Account, but played Dauntless Open Beta:


  1. For PC launch Dauntless and click on Link Now. Continue following on-screen instructions.
  2. For console from Dauntless title screen select Activate Now. Visit epicgames.com/activate, and type the code form the screen on the site. Continue the next step to link your Dauntless Account. Visit playdauntless.com/link/, and type the code from your console screen on the site.

If you do not have an Epic Game Account, but No Dauntless Account:

  1. On PC, launch the game and from the main screen select I’M A New Player.
  2. On Console, from the title screen select Activate Account, follow the screen prompts and select I’M A New Player.


If you do not have both Epic Games and Dauntless Account.

  1. For PC, visit epicgames.com to create a new account. Next, launch the game and follow the screen instruction to link account.
  2. For Console, start Dauntless and choose Activate Account. Follow the screen instructions on your console to link your PSN and Xbox Live account to new Epic Games Account. Select I’M A New Player to continue with Dauntless Account.

After linking you can continue playing the game, Dauntless features Cross play support so you can enjoy playing with friends and families no matter if they are on PC or Console.