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How to Level Up Fast in Gears 5 Multiplayer

Level up to unlock new items

Gears 5 multiplayer option opens up a whole new level of leveling up, it also helps you earn new cosmetics so that you can stand apart from the rest of the people with other new things to offer as well. This guide will show you how to level up fast in Gears 5 multiplayer.

How to Level Up Fast in Gears 5 Multiplayer


As you jump into the multiplayer mode of Gears 5, there is more than one element to it, understanding these different aspects will offer you extra incentive which you can use to your benefit in games.

You should always have a look at your core level in Multiplayer, this will be displayed next to your name on the leaderboards and in lobbies.

With that you also have Horde mode and Espace mode, both these modes offer different adventure as per your needs and help you level them up to unlock new skills and cosmetics which are fancier and stronger.


Last we have the Tour of Duty which is a modified Battle Pass made to fir perfectly for Gears 5 and ranking up in this and completing challenges earn your new cosmetics.

Tips to Level Up Fast in Gears 5’s Versus Multiplayer

You need to understand your game style as well as have a good knowledge of how multiplayer works, while Team Deathmatch does sound fun, it does not offer much XP and your leveling up can take more time because of this.


Play objective-based game modes which will offer you more points like King of the Hill or Escalation. You will earn tons of points for completing objectives and staying in the game for more brings you closer to getting another Supply Drop.

Aim for the objective

Your sole focus should be playing the objective, as long as you stick to what’s being demanded, you’re in the clear but straying off and needlessly stylizing in finishers will slow you down and won’t offer many points.


Killing an enemy will offer you anywhere from 150 – 250 points but if you really want to make those points quickly simply focus on breaking enemy control over rings or claim them for your team which will grant you 300 points just to staying alive.

But if you are good enough and you can eliminate an opponent who has been guarding a ring and claim it all by yourself you stand to earn almost 750 – 850 points in the space of a minute or two, which will be huge towards leveling up.

So make sure that you keep focus and play smart.

XP Boosts

XP Boosts are the best and easiest way to increase your XP and level up quickly, you can purchase these XP boosts from the store with Iron.

  1. XP boosts come in packs of 1-day, 7-days and 30-day boost, priced at 250, 600, and 1200 Iron, so make sure that you stack up on Iron and use it well to level up.
  2. Purchasing an XP Boosts will immediately activate them, so make sure that you purchase them right before you are ready to invest a good enough time in Gears 5.

This is all there is to know about how to level up fast in Gears 5.