How to Level Up Fast in Astral Chain

Tips to Earn XP

The more experience points you get in a game the faster you level up and the same applies for Astral Chain, the faster you increase your Duty Rank you get cool clothes and more health, this guide will show you how to level up fast in Astral Chain.

How to Level Up Fast in Astral Chain

Your character in Astral Chain will have a Duty Rank and each time you level that up you get clothes or alternate colors or even entire outfits, in addition to increased health.

In order to level up faster you will have to complete missions with efficiency, the better you are at the Astral Chain the more rewards you get. Your overall score is counted at the end of each File and you get rewarded according to that score.

Collecting Red Matter also helps to get more experience points, so make sure that you keep an eye out for Red Matter in Astral Chain.

You can also level up your Legion in Astral Chain which unlike Duty Rank is more traditional and by defeating enemies in battles you will earn Gene Code.

As enemies are close near depleted health, a finisher icon will flash on top of them. Execute as many finishers as you can which in turn helps you get more Gene Code.

You can equip certain abilities to your Legion which can help to get more Gene Code, so unlock the skill tree accordingly and you will be leveling up soon.

This is all there is to know about how to level up fast in Astral Chain.