How to leave Dark Hours Raid in Division 2

Leaving raid is very simple

The Division 2 recently released an update where players could team up and take part in the raid, it is all fun until you have to leave the raid and get stuck if you don’t know how to. This guide will show you how to leave the raid.

How to Leave Dark Hours Raid in Division 2

Leaving the raid matches is as simple as getting into one, if not simpler. If you still have not entered the match by which I mean that if you’re still stuck at the helipad and wish to quit the raid. You can simply talk to the woman who is standing beside and leave from there. This will not affect your score whatsoever, but your teammates might have to wait until someone else joins.

If you’re already in the midst of a fight and wish to leave the match due to some unforeseen error then all you need to do is go to the Options menu. From there you will need to navigate to the Socials Hub and once you’re in there, simply select your names and press on Leave Raid. This will take you out of the raid in an instant but you will leave your teammates with a disadvantage of being one person short.

The Dark Hours Raid in the Division 2 are by far the toughest thing yet, it requires a high level of skill and proper coordination among teammates to be successful. This is all there is to know about how to leave Dark Hours Raid in the Division 2.

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