How To Learn New Moves in Pokemon Masters

Improving attacks matters more

For a Pokemon game that solely focuses on battles, learning new moves to improve your attacks and skillset is a very important thing. There are tons of things to explore and a plethora of trainers to battle against. This guide will show you how to learn new moves in Pokemon Masters.

How to Learn New Moves in Pokemon Masters

As you begin in Pokemon Masters, you will only have one move that you can use in across all your sync pairs, but you can always learn new moves to improve in battles.

To learn new moves you will have to go to the Pokemon Center, once there speak to Trinnia, to find her you will have to go to the right side of the center. She can be spotted easily as she has green hair and might be holding a cup.

Talk to her and select the option of Moves & Skills, this will bring up all the sync pairs and the levels that they are on. Press on the pair that you wish to improve and the move you wish to unlock and you will get a list of requirement.

You will need Training Machines, to unlock more moves, and you can earn those by progressing through the main story. You will need 5 Training Machines to learn the first move.

You can also alternatively purchase the Training Machines by exchanging coins for them at the shop on the left side of the Pokemon Center.

Simply find Tricia, the NPC with Blue Hair and talk to her.

This is all there is to know about how to learn new moves in Pokemon Masters.