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How To Kill Tommasi – Control Boss Fight Tips

Defeat Hiss-corrupted enemy

During Mission Unknown Caller for the first time, you will face Tommasi, a kind of the first Boss in Control Game. Hiss corrupted Tommasi is hard to beat because of limited weapon choices in Control Game. He is always airborne and keeps moving, so shooting a moving target is not simple. If you are stuck at this point, where after reaching Director’s Office you have to activate a Control Point. Then you have to proceed through the Communication Dept, but Tommassi will not let you pass. Our Control Boss fight guide can help you to take this enemy down.

How to defeat His-corrupted Tommasi


The best weapon to kill Tommasi is Pierce, but you won’t get it until you had passed on further levels. The best way to play Control and deal with the boss is playing defensive. When you see Tommasi there is an area in the middle of the room where you can crouch and sit. There will be weaker enemies around you can take them down easily. To defeat Tommasi wait for his attack, once pulls out the debris then use your power to throw objects on him.

This will stun him for a while and start shooting on the head. This process works the best and you can kill down Tomassi with it. Always stay in cover, and the best place I found is the circular area in the center of a huge hall. When Tomassi attacks it gets wasted due to the objects and the structure. So you are completely safe from it.