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How To Kill Stronger Enemies Easily In Close Combat in The Surge 2

Hit the weakest point

The Surge 2 will put in the battle zone where some enemies are easy to knock down with hands but some are stronger and requires more than a punch. Either you have a weapon or not, but there is a way to take stronger enemies easily unless you know when to dodger way before they attack. There is a defensive move also where you can block the attacks, but the best thing to do is keep safe distances. So if you are struggling to kill tougher enemies in The Surge 2 then try our combat strategy.

How To Kill Stronger Enemies Fast


The Surge 2 has a feature called Focus, where you can aim at an enemies body part. It can be arms, legs, body or head. If you are in close range and choose to kill enemies with bare hands then focus only on the Head. Markdown the focus to attack only the head. Any other attack will be waste and put in the zone of incoming damage.

Press the R stick to lock the enemy first you will see a white circle, rotate it well to choose the Head and then start attacking with RB or RT. Keep attacking till the enemy is down and when you are focusing only on the Head then a three to four blow is good enough to kill any enemy.

Take your time to focus on the head part first, it might take a few clicks to toggle through the body part and locking the head only. Best keep moving left and right to avoid an incoming attack from the enemy, it is a fast and easy way to clear your path. The headlock will not be available for everyone, only for the stronger enemies, once you lock you will see a white scanned area, that means you can attack anywhere. It indicates weaker enemies.


Horizontal and Vertical Attacks

You can jump and attack enemies with powerful combos, there are two ways of combo attacks. First performing a Horizontal attack where you will jump high and attack work best against Armored Body parts. Vertical attacks work best against unarmored body parts. To perform a Horizontal Combo Attack press RB RT RT and to perform a Vertical Combo attack press RT RB RB.