How To Kill Large Abnormal Titan In Attack Of The Titan 2 Final Battle

Tips to take down boss

Large Abnormal is a kind of boss Titan in Attack Of The Titan 2 Final Battle, they are big with glowing body parts and it is very important to get a critical hit on the backside of the head to take it down in one shot or else it will become time-consuming. Large Abnormal are stronger compared to other Titans, so it is necessary to plan out a strategy before you charge them. In this Attack Of The Titan 2 Final Battle boss fight guide, you can learn how to kill Large Abnormal Titans with minimum effort needed.

How To Kill Large Abnormal In AOT2 Final Battle

When you spot a Large Abnormal walking around in Attack Of The Titan 2 Final Battle you will two bars over his head, a red one and a green one. These are Health and Stamina guages. Weak spots of Large Abnormal Titans appear glows in Green, remember these are the weakest spot and here you have to focus your attacks. Because of high health, they are not easy to kill, you have to do more to take them down.

  • First, reduce the Stamina to Zero, you can do this by constantly attacking the weak spots.
  • Land a Hook Drive on the Titan multiple times to consume his stamina. To perform a Hook Drive, you have to first land an evasion. Read the section below.
  • You can also reduce his stamina by making him chase you, he will run around and by depleting his staminal it becomes defenseless.

How to Perform Evasion and Hook Drive

To perform an Evasion just air jump before the Titan attacks you, you have to jump instantly before his attacks contact you, this will allow you to swiftly pop-up behind the Titan. After this Evasion circle behind the Titan and press Y on Xbox and Triangle on PS4 to perform a Hook Drive.

Now remains the killing part, once the Stamina gauge is down you have an open window to attack. Try taking down the back of the head, circle around and you will see a glowing yellow circle. Set your target and attack to take down the Large Abnormal in one hit.