How to Kill BT’s in Death Stranding – Hematic Grenades Crafting Receipe

Killing the Breached Things

After Mules, BT’s are the most common enemies in Death Stranding. They are mostly found in the region of Timefall rain, you can sneak pass them holding your breath by holding R1 but if you are caught they will pull you into another dimension. BT’s can be pretty annoying but thankfully there is an weapon that can be used against them. You will need to craft Hematic Grenades that can kill BT’s. In this Death Stranding BT’s fight Guide you can learn how to kill them and how to craft Hematic Grenades.

How to Kill BT’s

Hematic Grenades will be unlocked as your first anti BT weapon invented by Mama when you return to Capital Knot City after constructing your first bridge at the Distribution Center. You can return with a delivery or just go back where you will unlock the Grenade.

  1. Press D-pad right to open the Equipment Menu and select Hematic Grenade from the menu.
  2. Press L2 to aim on the target and then press R2 to release. You can also hold R2 to throw the grenade at a longer distance.
  3. Hematic Grenades can BT’s instantly and they are converted into crystals. Crystals are key component in crafting these grenades so keep collecting them. It is extremely simple to use and can help you to take down a lot of BT’s in your path.

How to Craft Hematic Grenades:

Go to any terminal and select Fabricate Equipment. Press R1 to switch to weapon where you will see the Grenade.

  • 4 Crystals
  • 4 Resins

That’s it, Hematic Grenades does not requires a very high amount of materials. You can craft them using two items keep around 5 in your Inventory all the time.

How to deal with BT’s when you don’t have Grenades?

It will happen you will stuck in places where you cannot have enough number of Hematic Grenades. You can sneak pass them using your scanner and avoiding them at all cost. Always move in Crouch position and hold your press by press R1 for a while if you are extremely near. The scanner will give you their locations, you have to quietly pass them until the scanner turns blue. Blue indicates they are far at a distance, red is extremely near.

If you are caught then press R2 + L2 first to have a tight grip so that the dead cannot pull you. Second keep pressing Square and tilt the left joystick front to run out of their grip. At all cost hold R2 + L2 to avoid falling, if you are carrying a lot of cargo there are chances you will fall. If you see a BT approaching you, turn around and run, you can skip their attacks.