How To Kill Armored Enemies In Days Gone

Learn how to take down the toughest enemies

Armored enemies in Days Gone require a different approach when taking down instead of normal enemies, this guide will show you how to take down an armored enemy.

How To Kill Armored Enemies:

The best way to take down an armored enemy is to check if they have armor on or not in the first place, you can see if they are sporting a helmet. If yes, then they will probably have other pieces of armor on them too.

When you encounter an armored enemy, you will need to shoot at a specific spot in order to destroy the piece of armor first and then damage your opponent. this usually means shooting at the head of enemies with your first couple of shots damaging and removing any headgear they have and then the next couple of shots to make sure the enemy is dead.

Explosives like grenades and molotovs do not inflict much damage onto enemies, explosives do not instantly kill armored enemies and you will have to re-attack them to make sure they are down.

Enemies with heavy armor cannot be killed with stealth attacks as the armor they have on prevents Deacon from launching into a sneak attack without raising alarm, instead, you will have to go all guns blazing at them.

If you find yourself swarmed with multiple enemies, finish off the unarmored enemies first which will prevent you from being swarmed as taking down an armored enemy will usually require more time as compared.

This is all there is to know about taking down armored enemies in Days Gone, make sure you check out other guides as well.

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