How To Kill A Titan In Attack Of The Titan 2 Final Battle

Combat controls to attack a titant

Attack Of The Titan 2 Final Battle is out and you will be facing a ton of Titans walking around the city in the game. Killing them is not easy especially when you are not allowed to walk on the ground. With the help of ODM Gear, you have to be in the air and revolve around the Titan to get the weakest points to attack. Only the back side of the head gives you the chance for Critical Hit Point that can kill the Titan in one hit. To kill them you will need to learn the combat controls, and it is more about revolving in the air, finding the right spot and then attacking with full force. In this Attack Of The Titan 2 Final Battle combat control guide, I will show you how you can take down a Titan.

Left Stick is to traverse on the ground and A (X on PS4) to jump. Press Square to fire the anchor to attach to any nearby object like a tree wall or a Titan.

How To Kill A Titan In AOT 2 Final Battle

  1. After spotting a Titan go near and use RB in Xbox and R1 in PS4 to shift into Combat Mode.
  2. Then press Y to shoot an anchor on the Titan Body. The same is the Triangle in PS4. This starts ODM Skirmish.
  3. Use Left Stick to circle around the Titan and A (X on PS4) to boost.
  4. While engaging you to have to spot a target on the body, leave the Left Stick to charge straight into the target and then press Y (Triangle) before making contact to the targetted body part. You can press A (X) to accelerate to increase the damage. Use this when you got the back of the head right in a straight line of attack.
  5. To switch your focus to another body part use the Right Stick, and press Y (Triangle) to instantly anchor it.
  6. If there are multiple Titans around press the Right Stick to switch from one enemy to another. You can detach from the current target and then you can press Y to anchor on another one and circle around to attack.

Remember the ODM Gear has its limitations, it will wear down if you keep on circling around. So best try to get the best weakest part in your range and then go for an attack. It is best to get the Critical Hit Point that will take down the Titan in one shot, or else you have to cut down the hands, and legs to make him immobile and then you get access to the take the head. Each attack rewards points.