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How To Download And Install New Appearance In Black Desert Remastered

Try out amazing new faces

Black Desert Customization is extensive with tons of changes to create a unique detailed looking character. If you had created something amazing then you can share that with the world or you can simply download amazing new Appearances and use them in the game. In this guide, you will learn how to save and share your appearances, with how to download new character appearances and install them in your Black Desert Remastered to give your gameplay a unique touch.

How To Save & Share Character Appearances In Black Desert


To access Customization UI go to Character and click on Select Class. You are in the Customization UI there are many different options here. You can build your character from scratch and save it. You can share the file directly with anyone or through community boards.

  1. From the Customization UI look on the bottom left of the screen and you will see a section as Customization Info.
  2. There are different buttons, Save Temporarily, Save File, Load File, etc.
  3. Click on Save File and select a location.

You can share this saved file with your friends.


How to download and loads Character Appearances In Black Desert

  1. Download new Appearances from sea.playblackdesert.com. Click on any Class from home and click the Beauty Album button.
  2. You have to log in, and then you can download Appearances created by other users.
  3. To add them in the game go to Customization UI and click on Load Files. Select the Appearance file and done.

In this way, you can simply upload a new appearance in Black Desert.