How To Install Mods In Minecraft TLauncher (2023)

Shreyansh Shah
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Minecraft TLauncher allows players to install Mods to improve their gameplay experience. And while it would seem like a hassle to install them and get them in the game, on the contrary, it is easier to do so. There are a few requirements that you will have to complete but then you can simply launch the modded game from TLauncher itself and enjoy. As you read below, this guide will help you on how to install and how to download the mods that you require so make sure you check it out till the end.

Do Note that the following steps require a bit of technical know-how so make sure you perform them if you are confident.

How to Install Mods in Minecraft TLauncher (2023)

Minecraft TLauncher Download Mods

Here’s how to install Mods in Minecraft TLauncher:

  • The first thing you will need is to get Minecraft Forge on your PC to work with the TLauncher.
  • Once you successfully download it, load it up to install Forge. Now, it will be very simple for you to install Mods in Minecraft TLauncher.
  • For Forge, the best place from which you can download Mods is CurseForge. Once you head to this site, make sure you select the correct version of the mods to work with your TLauncher.
  • Now simply download one of the mods and locate the .zip or .jar file.
  • Next, Press Win + R and then type in appdata. In the window that appears, select the Roaming option and then open the .minecraft folder.
  • While you are in this folder, look for the mods folder and then paste the .zip or .jar file that we mentioned above. If the folder has the file already, delete it first and then paste it.
  • After that, start Minecraft TLauncher and then select Release version with the forge option made available now.
  • You can simply start playing the game now that you have installed Mods in Minecraft TLauncher.

That’s all from this guide. Since you are playing Minecraft check out our dedicated section for useful guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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