How To Install Keanue Reeves Mod In Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

Get John Wick and Johnny Silverhand for Free

Keanu Reeves turns out to be the most popular face on the internet once he is introduced as a part of Cyberpunk 2077. He almost broke the internet in his new avatar Johnny Silverhand. What if I tell you can have two most popular character played by him in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain? You can install a simple mod in-game and enjoy playing as John Wick or Johnny Sliverhand. The mod is pretty simple to install and thanks to the developers on Nexusmods that brings up some interesting updates for the game. In this Metal Gear Solid Mod guide, you will learn how to install Keanu Reeves Mod in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.

Note: The mods are third party files not provided by the original game developers and can cause game issues, so install at your own risk.

How To Install John Wick and Johnny Silverhand Mod In MSG V Phantom Pain

  1. Download John_Wick_Johnny_Silverhand.mgsv a 10150KB file from Nexus Mod. Copy-paste the following link in your web browser to visit the mod download page –
  2. Click the Files Tab and you will find two mods. 1). John Wick and Johnny Silverhand & 2). John Wick and Johnny Silverhand (Snake Verison).
  3. Click on Manual Download from anyone you want to install. The file will be downloaded din 7zip compressed format you will need a Winrar or 7zip extractor to extract the .mgsv file.
  4. Next, you will need SnakeBite Mod Manager to install the mod in Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain. Use the mod manager to install it and test out.

If you are finding difficult to modify he avatar then use the Snake version of John Wick and Johnny Sliverhand. Use Hair preset 1 to play as John Wick, Hair Preset 2 t play as Johnny Silverhand with sunglasses or without sunglasses. For the bionic arm, you have to use an additional mode – TMWSTW Bare arms.

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