How To Increase Health And Stamina in Journey to the Savage Planet

Level Up Fast

When you start playing Journey to the Savage Planet you will have three health bars and a small stamina meter. Stamina is required for running, jumping, movement, escaping attacks, etc. If you are slow you will be more vulnerable. While Health keeps you alive in Journey to the Savage Planet. There is a trick to increase your Health and Stamina bar in Journey to the Savage Planet and in this guide, I will show you the exact steps to do it.

How to Increase Health & Stamina in Journey to the Savage Planet

When you are out in the wilderness there are unique flora and fauna on the savage planet. Not all are useful, but one of them is highly important to Level Up. Without consuming the plant you will remain weaker and lose a lot of health if you are attacked by small creatures. More Stamina will add faster mobility and more health will give you a long time to fight.

To increase health and stamina both you will have to consume the Orange God fruit. It is extremely easy to notice and placed in various locations. On rocks, near mountains, behind waterfalls, and if you unlock grapple you can also grab it hanging like a beehive on mountain roofs. Consuming one Orange God fruit will give you extra health bar and around 10% hike in stamina.

So do not forget to grab it whenever you find it while exploring around. The max progress for health and stamina is around 100 in Journey to the Savage Planet.

Pro Tip:

Avoiding getting near to alien creatures, if you spot them from distance use the Nomad Gun to shot them down. Some of them explode and will kill you instantly.