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How To Improve Trials of Mana Graphics On Windows

Unofficial Tweaks

Want help to enhance graphics of Trials of Mana on PC? Here is a guide with an solution that will help you to tweak graphic performance of the game and pull out more than expected. Based on a guide Steam User – Anna_Maniac, this guide includes solution on how to improve Trials of Mana overall visual quality and add more clear scenes. There is a unofficial tweak tool in this guide, so there are chances you might face issue with the same. It is important to back your save game files before you proceed with the Graphic fixes. Or else you can always re-install the game.

How to improve Trials of Mana Graphics?

Trials of Mana Visuals and Tweak Settings Packer is an third party tool that will help you to improve the overall visual quality of the game. You can increase draw distance, tweak texture memory limit, turn off settings like – aberration/motion blur/depth of field, get more from the higher texture quality, etc.

  1. Download Trials of Mana Visuals and Tweak Settings Packer.
  2. Using a archive too like Winrar, extract the content of packer in a folder.
  3. Run Create Config PAK to create an custom.pak file. Running this tool will create Trials of Mana-WindowsNoEditor_999_P.pak.
  4. Move this file to Steam\steamapps\common\Trials of Mana\Trials of Mana\Content\Paks folder.

Trials of Mana-WindowsNoEditor_999_P.pak is the main file where you can tweak graphic settings for Trials of Mana. To tweak all the values and apply common settings modify DefaultEngine.ini and DefaultInput.ini. You can open this file in a Notepad tool, and adjust the graphic settings as per your need. For safety purpose backup the default files first, create a copy and replace them if you get any error or crashing problem. Below are the settings you will inside the .ini files.

  1. MaxChannels – Increase max amount of audio channels, default value – 64.
  2. ScreenPercentage – Control Supersampling. Tweak this to improve visual clarity. The more value you to use the higher gpu will be consumed. So depending your Graphic card play with the settings. Default value – 100. 
  3. MaxAnisotropy – Default 16x Anisotropic Filtering, no impact on performance.
  4. Below are the settings responsible for overall quality of Temporal Anti-Aliasing and for getting crisper visual quality.
    1. DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing
    2. TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight
    3. TemporalAASamples
    4. PostProcessAAQuality
    5. Tonemapper.Sharpen
  5. Turn off Film Gram – Adjust Tonemapper.Quality and Tonemapper.GrainQuantization.
  6. Turn off Camera and Object Motion Blur – MotionBlurQuality and DefaultFeature.MotionBlur.
  7. Disable  Depth of Field in cutscenes – DepthOfFieldQuality. Safe value – 4.
  8. Disable fake HDR Effect – (Bloom) – EyeAdaptationQuality, BloomQuality and DefaultFeature.
  9. Disable Godfrays – LightShafts, LightShaftQuality and DefaultFeature.LightShafts.
  10. Improve Lens Flares Quality – LensFlareQuality and DefaultFeature.LensFlare.
  11. Disable Chromatic Aberration – SceneColorFormat, SceneColorFringe.Max and SceneColorFringeQuality.
  12. Improve Ambient Occlusion – AmbientOcclusionRadiusScale and AmbientOcclusionLevels.
  13. Improve Screen Space Reflections Quality – If you adjust other than stock value more hardware will be consumed.
    1. SSS.HalfRes
    2. SR.QSuality
    3. SSR.Temporal
    4. SSS.Filter
    5. SSS.SampleSe
    6. SSR.MaxRoughness
  14. Enhance textures – MaterialQualityLevel
  15. Enhance character model quality – StaticMeshLODDistanceScale and SkeletalMeshLODBias
  16. Reduce hitches or stutter – Streaming.FullyLoadUsedTextures and Streaming.HLODStrategy.
  17. Control video memory assigned to textures – Streaming.PoolSize.
  18. Improve Shadow Quality –
    1. ShadowQuality
    2. Shadow.RadiusThreshold
    3. Shadow.RadiusThresholdRSM
    4. Shadow.CSM.MaxCascades
    5. Shadow.TexelsPerPixel
    6. Shadow.MaxResolution
  19. Improve density, draw distance and drastically reduce pop-in of vegetation.
    1. foliage.LODDistanceScale
    2. grass.DensityScale
    3. foliage.LODDistanceScale
    4. ViewDistanceScale
  20. Toggle Fullscreen – bAltEnterTogglesFullscreen. Enable Alt+Enter feature to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode.
  21. Mouse Acceleration/Smoothing – EnableMouseSmoothing and bViewAccelerationEnabled

Take care while modifying the settings, it is necessary to use the best possible options only to get best graphics in Trials of Mana.