How to Hide In A Crash Pad in Fortnite – Secret Glitch

By Raaj
2 Min Read

A new Fortnite glitch is discovered that let players to safely hide inside Crash Pads. In between the battle if you are unable to find a good spot to hide, then just pull out a crash pad and follow the steps of this guide. Using a this simple glitch you can turn yourself invisible in Fortnite for some time. Crash Pads are usually used to for getting a instant jump. You can throw this on other players also that will throw them off the ground. Also it is an good tool to jump on top of buildings and an ideal gadget to cancel fall damage. So here is a guide on a simple Crash Pad glitch that will allow you to hide inside it.

How to hide inside a Crashpad?

Discovered by Fortnite player SypherPK, who shows how really you can go inside a Crash Pad and almost turn invisible. You will need a ramp in your front and backside. Stand in between both the ramps and throw the crash pad. After it inflates, you will see your character submerged inside the object. You can completely hide inside for a while.

Crash Pad glitch is a interesting thing to try in Fortnite. Even for sometime you can cover yourself from other players. However this glitch is now popular, and many players know how to use it. So if they find the ramp construction and a crash pad between it, some of them are smart enough to guess your doings.

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