How To Heal In Zenkai Origins

Got your health low and unable to find a way to heal yourself? Read on as I explain how to heal in Zenkai Origins.

Zenkai Origins is a famous Dragon Ball Z-based game for Roblox. In this game, you will get into a lot of fights. I mean, what even is a Dragon Ball Z-based game without fights? Anyway, getting into a lot of fights means getting your health very low. The lower your health, the more you will need to stay out of fights. So knowing the healing process is a must, so read on to find out how to heal in Zenkai Origins.

How to Heal in Zenkai Origins

zenkai origins heal

To heal in Zenkai Origins, you simply have to walk away from a fight and recuperate till your health is back to normal. You could also heal a bit and not fill the entire bar, that is if you feel that you have enough health to take on the enemy without being at full HP. Remember that whenever you are attacking you won’t be able to heal. To heal yourself you’ll need to stand or float still, after a few seconds of your combat. Also, remember the healing won’t start the moment you stop fighting. So be a little patient once you have created some space between you and your enemy. Your health bar should start filling up in no time.

Other Zenkai Origins Controls

  • Block: F
  • Ki Blast: E
  • Dodge/ Step Vanish: Q
  • Transform 1: G
  • Transform 2: H
  • Super speed fly: Shift + W W
  • Fly up/Fly down: Shift/Ctrl

These controls are here for you to refer to in case you missed any of the basics while enjoying the game. While you progress the game you will earn experience and Zeni. You can use the Zeni to buy skills and accessories from the shop.

With this we have covered the process of healing in this game. While you are here, check out our guide on Zenkai Origins best races to help you decide which race to play as for your next playthrough.