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Bitlife: How To Go AWOL & Get Absent Without Leave Achievement?

Here's how to go AWOL & Get Absent Without Leave Achievement in Bitlife.

Do you want to get the BitLife achievement Absent Without Leave? You can achieve this by going AWOL, but it takes a little practice, and if you go in carelessly, you might not be successful. So let’s look at how to go AWOL in the military in Bitlife.

How to Go AWOL in Bitlife?


To go AWOL in Bitlife, you must first serve in the military, then develop any addiction, and then complete recovery from rehab. The first step thus is ensuring that your character pursues a military career. Following that, you must establish an addiction. You can achieve this by gambling, using drugs, or drinking alcohol. The most basic method is to utilize alcohol since your character has a possibility of becoming hooked every time they drink.

How to go AWOL & Get Absent Without Leave Achievement in Bitlife.

In Bitlife, after you reach the age of 18, you’ll have to drop out of school and join the military. It shouldn’t matter if you choose army, navy, or airforce; just go with your instincts. You’ll have to start going clubbing once you’ve enrolled. Go to the Nightlife activity and visit each of the clubs that are accessible. Take whatever others offer to you, whether it’s a drink or a drug. You have to become addicted to one of these. You may also try your luck at the casino or attend a horse race.


Once you’ve developed an addiction, you’ll need to go to rehab. To go to the Rehab Center, first go to the Rehab Activity. Choose any therapy you can afford; the decision doesn’t matter; nonetheless, you may need to return to treatment on a regular basis. You will get the “Absent Without Leave” accomplishment if you are cured of your addiction in Rehab while still serving in the military. You can advance a year and try again if you don’t get healed the first time.

That’s everything about how to go AWOL in the military in Bitlife. Now, in case you want to know more ti[ps and tricks in this life simulator, we’ve got lots of Bitlife guides for you right here.