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How To Get Free UC Cash In PUBG

Use this trick to get tons of free cash

PUBG UC Cash is an in-game currency used in the PUBG to buy skins, clothes, jeep skins, weapon skin, and more. You can buy it for real-world money using a different payment gateway like cards or wallets like Paytm. In this PUBG UC Cash guide, I will share a trick that will help you to earn free PUBG UC Cash in a small amount. You have to keep following the method to gather a good amount of PUBG UC Cash and with this, you can also buy PUBG Royal Pass that cost around 1800 UC.

How To Get Free PUBG UC Cash


The trick works and will keep on working but the UC cash received is not big enough, still, it is worth trying. If you are spending hours and hours in PUBG you can also request some UC cash from other players.

  1. PUBGSkin runs a referral program that rewards 100 UC Cash while signing up and 10 UC Cash each time a friend of you uses your referral link to join PUBGSkin.
  2. The referral program rewards 10 PUBG UC Cash each time someone uses your links to join.
  3. From PUBGSkin official site you can buy amazing skins, costume skins, weapon skins, and various other in-game content.
  4. Every time you visit the site you will see the latest free item you can claim by visiting referral links.

So grab your chance first to earn the most popular skins just by running up a simple referral program. If you are having a really big number of PUBG friends then you can request them to reward you the free PUBG UC Cash.