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How To Get Ubermacht SC1 In GTA Online

Can't miss this Super Car

Ubermacht SC1 is a super car in GTA Online and you can get this amazing car in GTA Online Lucky Wheel podium vehicle. A recent update had added this car to the podium and this can be your chance to get this vehicle. Here is a small guide on how to get this super car in GTA Online.

How to unlock Ubermacht SC1 In GTA Online?

Around 26 new vehicles are added in the GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist update. The new roaster brings the supercar along with more new updates. Every week something new is added to the GTA Online Lucky Wheel podium vehicle.

This time Ubermatch SC1 is waiting for, it is a supercar and brings up amazing speed. Part of Legendary Motorsport this car cost around $1,603,000 if you have guts to buy it. Ubermatch SC1 top speed is 98.80mph, two-seater featuring high acceleration and handling power. It lacks decent braking but if you can control this monster you won’t be an easy one to catch.

Ubermatch SC1 can be upgraded to enhances its armor, brake, engine, exhaust, etc. The primary part to focus on is Brakes, a Race Brake upgrade on this car cost $35,000. You can also enhance the performance of this supercar by upgrading its engine to Level 4.

So the only way to unlock Ubermatch SC1 in GTA Online is to try the lucky wheel in Diamond Casino Podium. One free wheel spin is allowed per day, and if your lucky enough you might get this car for free.

How to get Ubermatch SC1 in GTA 5 Story Mode?

If you had not yet tried this vehicle and want to see how it runs you can unlock it in the GTA 5 story mode, using a mod. Ubermacht SC1 – LSPD 1.0 GTA 5 Mod is available for free download. You will need to install OpenIV Mod Manager to get this vehicle for free is GTA 5. The installation is simple, add the mod manager and move the Ubermatch SC1 mod folder “polsc1” in https://mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/.

You can then use the mod manager to spawn the vehicle and ride around the city. This does not work in GTA Online. Mods and cheats are completely not allowed, but you can test out the car and find how it really works. Having a supercar like Ubermacht SC1 online will make super fast in the game especially when you are running away.

Keep trying spinning the lucky wheel in Diamond Casino and you will unlock Ubermacht SC1 In GTA Online.