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How To Get True Ending In No More Heroes 3?

If you want to know how you can get the True Ending in No More Heroes 3, check out this article!

If you are a fan of No More Heroes 3, we bet you might be dying to know about the true ending of Travis Touchdown. He is the game’s main protagonist In this article, we will show you how to get the True Ending in the game. We also warn you, as you may find spoilers ahead!

How to Get True Ending in No More Heroes 3?


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You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to do much for the true ending.. All you have to do is wait for the credits to finish playing after you complete the game.

The True Ending is actually a short film that plays after you finish the entire game. It will arrive post the completion of the credits. In this film, you will encounter Jess Baptise V. He is the father of Jess Baptise VI. He considers his negotiations with Travis to be failures. After feeling so, two individuals who claim to be twins of Travis will kill him. They will claim to be from the future. The future they are talking about will be one where Henry Cooldown – a character from the previous installments of No More Heroes – kills Travis and joins forces with the Aliens to rule over earth. These so-called twins will then express their need for Travis’ help.


This ending definitely signifies the development of a new game in the future. This might bring relief to players who felt that the No More Heroes series was about to end. These feelings were expressed after Suda51, the developers of No More Heroes, said that Travis would not be appearing again in another game.

Some gamers have also been left feeling disappointed about the fact that the true ending was unplayable, and just a short movie instead.

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