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How To Get The Third Semester Endgame In Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal’s addition over the original Persona 5 brings a ton of new gameplay, including a new semester but unlocking it isn’t that straightforward. There is a certain requirement that has to be met and for a game that commentates on the social differences of adults and teenagers, unlocking this new third-semester ending expands on Persona 5 and gives you the entire experience of Persona 5 Royal.

This guide will show you how to get unlock the third-semester endgame in Persona 5 Royal, you will need to meet a certain requirement.

How To Get The Third Semester Endgame In Persona 5 Royal

There are tons of characters you meet in Persona 5 and each confidant has a role to play in the game, as you get into the game you will meet Doctor Maruki who will possess the Councilor Arcana. Your objective is to reach rank 9 as confidant before November 18th in the game.

As soon as you have reached this milestone and the date of 18th November rolls over, it will automatically increase to Rank 10.

To find Doctor Maruki, you will have to find him on the first floor of the training building, you have to keep in mind that after the 18th of November she won’t be available.

While you’re here make sure that you read up your guide on how to get the true ending in Persona 5 which requires a few more conditions.

Failure to do so will prevent you from experiencing the Persona 5 Royale extended semester ending, and you will rather have just the Persona 5 ending no matter what you do.

This is all there is to know about how to get the third-semester endgame in Persona 5 Royal. While you’re here why not check out other guides, news, reviews, and features only on GamerTweak.