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How to Get the Shield Ability in Control

Block incoming attacks

Control gives Jesse Faden new abilities as you keep progressing in the game and once you near the endgame you will need to learn the ability to shield. Hiss controlled enemies will keep bombarding you with projectiles and though you can deflect and send them back, knowing how to shield yourself is another defensive option that you can learn. This guide will show you how to how to get the Shield ability in Control.

How to Get the Shield Ability in Control

You will need to go to the Central Maintenance area marked on the map and once you get there head north ahead of the NSC Power Plant. You will need to activate the “A Good Defense” side mission for you to be able to get this ability.

To complete the side missions, you will have to destroy all the red objects on the ceilings with your powers and get access to the Field Training Area which has been locked.

Once inside, complete the obstacle course within the given time of 45 seconds and it will have you shooting, using your ability to activate switches, and climbing. Once you beat this obstacle course you will have to take on an Object of Power. Defeat this Object of Power by throwing things at it which will destroy it and give you the shield ability.

This is all there is to know about how to get the shield ability in Control.

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