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How to Get the Queen’s Call in Borderlands 3

Queen's Call Pistol

Of all the weapons in Borderlands 3, you are certainly going to lose your mind when it comes to selecting which one to keep, but the legendary weapons are above and beyond anything else you will encounter in Borderlands 3. Queen’s Call is a legendary weapon and can be found in the final part of Borderlands 3 campaign. This guide will show you how to get Queen’s Call in Borderlands 3.

Queens Call Stats


Queen’s Call is a pistol with a six-round magazine with tons of stat bonuses applied to it.

  • +29% Weapon Damage
  • +10% Critical Hit Damage Bonus
  • Irradiated enemies damage other enemies around them
  • Consumes three ammo per shot

How to Get the Queen’s Call in Borderlands 3


To get your hands on the Queen’s Call you will have to fast travel to Destroyer’s Rift on Pandora, once there you will have to go to the large area in the south of the map and defeat Tyreen the Destroyer.

Beating Tyreen the Destroyer

Tyreen is the last boss in Borderlands 3, which makes her probably the toughest boss in Borderlands 3, you have to make sure that you get as many headshots in as possible which is her weak spot.


To keep yourself safe from her purple energy balls, make sure that you have a high capacity shield to protect you.

Make sure that you avoid as many of her attacks as possible, as they are pretty strong and being hit will cost you a ton of health.

After you inflict enough damage, she will dropdown. This is your cue to climb up on her back and shoot the purple core.


She will transform into her final phase after this and once you beat this form of you will get the Queen’s Call.

This is all there is to know about how to get Queen’s Call in Borderlands 3.