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How To Acquire The Chinese Stealth Armor In Fallout 76

Fallout 76’s Wastelanders expansion brought in tons of new items including the Chinese Stealth Armor to the game. If you want to unlock this amazing armor you will need to read until the end of this guide to unlock it.

How To Get The Chinese Stealth Armor In Fallout 76


Again, to make things clear, the Chinese Stealth Armor is only available in the Fallout 76 Wastelanders expansion pack, so make sure that you get it before you start searching for it in the game.

Once you have the expansion pack, continue along with the main storyline and complete the missions from the Overseer and Settlers in the Foundation.

The quest you’re looking out for which gives the plans for the Chinese Stealth Armor is called “Invisible Ties”. This won’t be available at the start and you will find this quest in the midst of your campaign.


Make sure that you keep an eye out for this quest and unlocking the Chinese Stealth Armor gets you damage reduction, improves sneak, decreases fall damage, and increases hazard protection making it one of the best armors in the game.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to get the Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76:

  • Acquire a Liberator from Vault 76 and bring it to Jen
  • Fix the Liberator and follow it to the Deep
  • Speak to Agent Mochou in the Deep and report at the Foundation
  • Speak to Paige to complete the quest


Once you talk to Paige, she will handover the plans for the armor but this is only the half part, the difficult part begins when you have to grind for the armor.

Below are the parts that you will require for the Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 76

  • 30 Ballistic Fiber
  • 21 Circuitry
  • 16 Fiber Optics
  • 11 Nuclear Material
  • 44 Rubber


If you wish to get the Chinese Stealth Helmet too you will need the following parts:

  • 2 Ballistic Fiber
  • 1 Circuitry
  • 1 Fiber Optics
  • 2 Rubber

These are all the conditions that have to be met and parts that you will need to find in Fallout 76 to get your hands on one of the best armors in the game. Make sure that you check out other guides on Fallout 76 only on GamerTweak.