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RimWorld: How To Get Steel

Here is how you can get steel in RimWorld.

RimWorld is a game that takes place in the future. While human beings have traveled across the world and beyond, there is no steady progress between these colonies. Here, your decisions matter most as they can endanger a colony or help it progress. As you go about in these colonies you can do all kinds of things, from combat to saving colonists and even animals. One of the important resources that you will have to find is steel. Even though you will find this resource in multiple places, you will see that steel is not always easy to get. And so, here is your Gamer Tweak guide on how to get steel in RimWorld.

How to Get Steel in RimWorld


How to Get Steel in RimWorld

There are four ways to get steel in RimWorld. You can get it by doing any or all of the following:

  • Mine from mountains from ores
  • Trade with other factions
  • Deconstruct different items to reclaim steel
  • Deep drilling


Here are some of the important tips that you need to keep in mind to get steel from these methods.

Mine From RimWorld Ores as Compact Steel

Here is everything that you need to know about how to mine mountains to get steel from ores.


  • Compact Steel is an ore that doesn’t look like any of the other common rock types.
  • It is very common in RimWorld.
  • You can mine compact steel by selecting individual parts of it and clicking on the ‘Mine’ button. This will get a colonist to mine the same.
  • You can also mine compact steel by using the architect tab and mining an entire area.

Trade With Other Factions

If mining is not an option for you then you can always trade the same. Here is everything that you need to know about how to trade with other factions to get steel.


  • Send a caravan over to a friendly or neutral base in order to trade.
  • Most factions will have steel that they are willing to trade.
  • You will find that steel is on the cheaper end and can be bought for silver.
  • If you have a comms console, you can even trade with passing ships.

Deconstruct Different Items to Reclaim Steel

If mining is not an option for you and you don’t have enough to trade with, then you can always deconstruct different items. Here is everything that you need to know about how to deconstruct items to get steel.

  • You can deconstruct ‘ruins’ in the game to get steel from the same
  • Deconstruct items like steel urns, walls, floors, art items and different kinds of furniture
  • Click on the item that you want to extract steel from and use a colonist to deconstruct the same
  • You can even deconstruct items from raids, events, outposts and other faction bases
  • You can deconstruct previously constructed items to get steel

Deep Drilling

As an alternative to the three options above, you can even deep drill to mine steel from the ground. Here is everything that you need to know about how to deep drill to get steel.

  • Use the deep drill alongside the ground penetrating scanner to find ore that is underground
  • This will require you to first research a few items before you can use this method
  • You can use this method when you are in you have leveled up to the mid to late stages of the game
  • Use the scanner to search for the steel ores and then dig with your drill

This was your guide on how to get steel in RimWorld. If this guide has helped you, check out this one on how to get more Colonists in your RimWorld Colony.