Destiny 2 Stasis: How To Get, Aspects And Fragments

Want to know all about Stasis in Destiny 2? Check out this guide!

If you are new to Destiny 2 or if you are someone who is coming back after a hiatus, allow me to teach you how you can unlock stasis in Destiny 2, the new subclass introduced with Beyond Light.

What is Stasis?

destiny 2 stasis

Stasis is the first darkness-based power in the game which came alongside Europa with the Beyond Light expansion. Like how solar relates to fire, arc to electricity and void to…. Void? Stasis relates to ice and freezing or in Bungie terms, “cosmic ice”. Stasis comes with its own tree and this time around it is much more customizable with things like aspects & fragments (more on that later) unlike the light-based subclasses which are quite restrictive.

Throughout the 7 years of Destiny, this is the first time a brand new subclass has been introduced and it sure is quite powerful! Stasis, unlike the light-based subclasses, is more of a support element, and its power and prowess is shown by freezing & pinning everything in place.

How to Get Stasis in Destiny 2

  • If you are a veteran you obviously have it and know all of this stuff but for the kinderguardians out there, this is how you get Stasis.
  • You will be called to Europa, the moon of Jupiter via a distress call and upon reaching there you’ll find that Variks is about to get clapped by a new baddie named Eramis who is wielding Stasis.
  • You save him and then you’ll be introduced to 3 familiar faces.
  • The Drifter, Eris Morn, and The Exo Stranger(reunion time!). After a few cutscenes and story stuff, you’ll embark on a journey to stop Eramis and by the order of the Exo
    Stranger find out a way to learn how to wield Stasis.
  • So, basically, you have to go out there and complete the Beyond Light story campaign and after the last mission you’ll go to the Ziggurat near the Exo Stranger, get teleported inside the Pyramid ship and the Darkness will bless you (or curse you, hard to say) with the power of Stasis.
  • The Darkness calls this power a “gift” and you get to use it during the campaign on particular missions but once you beat the campaign it’s yours to keep forever.

Stasis Supers

Just like arc solar and void, Stasis comes with its own tree and a single unique super for each individual class.

  • Hunter (Revenant)

Hunters get a super called Silence & Squall where your hunter jumps into the air and throws a sickle freeing everything in proximity(silence) and then proceeds to throw
another sickle that turns into an ice tornado upon impact and shatters everything (squall).The ice tornado stays on the field for quite some time and chases the closet set of enemies freezing and shattering them as it goes.

  • Titan (Behemoth)

Titan super is called Glacial Quake where your titan literally becomes a tank and then slams his fist onto the ground creating a cone of ice crystals in front of him/her and then proceeds to shatter them and do a lot of damage. The super itself lasts for a good chunk of time and is good against mobs of enemies.

  • Warlock (Shadebinder)

Warlocksuper is called Winter’s Wrath where your warlock will summon an icy staff that will fire projectiles that track and pin enemies in place so then the warlock can shatter them into pieces. Just like the Titan, this is also a roaming super with good duration and works wonders for freezing and chain-shattering enemies.

These have been the supers for each individual subclass and they can be used in both PvP and PvE and have their own unique uses for each scenario. You can also craft builds based on your playstyles using mods and aspects and fragments.

Aspects & Fragments

Once you’ve beaten the campaign and have Stasis at your disposal, you’ll get another quest chain from the Exo Stranger titled “born in darkness”. This quest is divided into 5 parts and 3 of them will give you an aspect. An aspect acts as an added layer on top of your subclass and gives you some flexibility in your gameplay. For instance, hunters can get an aspect that slows enemies around them every time they dodge.

Titans can get one where them sliding through crystals will shatter said crystals. And Warlocks can get one where they can turn their Stasis grenade into a Stasis turret that freezes enemies in place. Each aspect comes with its own benefits and since you can have 2 equipped at any given time, adds a lot to your gameplay builds.

Fragments on the other hand are micro-adjustments like gaining more super energy for every Stasis kill with one or no downside attached to this benefit. Fragments are acquired on a weekly basis as you can only pick up 2 fragment quests from the stranger per week, which when completed give you fragment keys that can be redeemed at the stranger for a fragment. There are a lot of fragments to choose from and based on your aspects you can equip 1,2,3 or 4 of them at any given time. The best part about fragments, other than gameplay builds, is that if you have multiple characters, once you unlock any fragment it’s yours to keep across all your characters.

This pretty much covers everything on how to get Stasis in Destiny 2 and how to get the aspects and fragments tied to Stasis. Hope you enjoyed it and, if you did make sure to check out other articles on Destiny 2 here at GamerTweak.