How to get Snowboard in PUBG – Arctic Mode Update

By Raaj
2 Min Read

If you are playing PUBG and have seen the Artic Mode yet then you might be missing the snowboard. It is an amazing new add-on which is quite cool to try out. As in the snowy regions, you cannot drive vehicles and the fastest way to escape from enemies is using the snowboard. Artic Mode update was out recently adding the chilling cold breeze in the game. It does not really impact your gameplay but a fun way to enjoy the battle royale mode in white. So let’s check out how to get snowboard in Arctic Mode.

Where to find snowboard in PUBG?

Snowboard is part of the Arctic Mode update that was rolled out in the month of April. Available through new updates you can enjoy new items and will spawn randomly in the game. There is also an in-game store you can grab these items. Another way is killing opponents and stealing their items.

The winter-themed mode in PUBG mobile offers you to explore a chilled region where opponents in white hard to grab. Also, your footprints are enough to track down anyone around you. Arctic Mode is a small update, where player finds this in the Vikendi Map.

To make your game more challenging you will have to survive storms throughout the game. To survive similar to real-world experience players will need to lit the indoor fire, hunt down wild chickens for food to restore body temperature. There are also heaters and health packs.

So if you had not got the snowboard then it is necessary to run the latest updates on your PUBG Mobile. Snowboard is a part of a winter festival, and if you grab the one you can also use them on the regular grassy ground.

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